BitCoke Review: Sign up, Features, Fees, Download.

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BitCoke Summary

BitCoke ( is a crypto trading platform registered in Cayman Islands, going online in 2019. Over the past 3 years, BitCoke has created a set of highly competitive products for its users, like Quanto swap, cloud mining, spot market, fixed-income earning, etc, and has achieved tremendous growth because of stability, security and no downtime.

BitCoke is definitely worth a try for beginners, even so if you’re an experienced user from other exchanges like Binance, FTX. You probably would be amazed by its simple & powerful tools, products, interface.

1. Register an account

Creating a new account in BitCoke is an easy process. Click to use phone number or email and follow sign-up instructions.

Use phone or email to register an account

BitCoke doesn’t demand personal information for its services, as stated in its official website that you don’t need to complete KYC in order to do spot & leverage trading, as well as withdraw fund to other exchanges or wallets.

2. Feature Highlights

BitCoke is the platform where you can buy or sell cryptos via spot market which supports trade on about 50 leading coins. Among them are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Solana, Doge, and other popular coins.

Many crypto users often turn to grow assets by leverage trading, and BitCoke certainly is the desirable place for derivatives. By applying Quanto swap, an innovative type of perpetual contracts, delivering great flexibility and convenience, you are able to choose BTC/ETH/USDT as settlement coin to leverage trade all contracts available.

Select the Settlement coin as margin. Don’t forget to transfer funds to Contract account from Wallet.

With Quanto swap, all profits & losses of your positions are directly paid in the settlement coin you assign for margin.

All profits & losses are paid in the Settlement coin you choose. It’s Bitcoin in my case.

For steady players, Earn product can be a favorable channel to acquire fixed-income.

Also, BitCoke put great efforts to develop a user-friendly and powerful interface, providing a smooth trading experience. It’s noticeable that BitCoke asserts that its chart is originally developed and tailored to crypto trading.

3. Low Fees

Spot trading is charged 0.15% on trade.

Maximum fees for derivative trading on BitCoke are taker 0.04%, maker 0.02%. However, given that BitCoke implements a tiered derivative fees structure based on asset and trading volume, you could acquire more favorable fees when the conditions are satisfied.

Contract trading fees are modest.

4. Download and Trade Anywhere

Download BitCoke mobile applications to phone just by searching “BitCoke” in Google Play or App Store. BitCoke mobile application is legit and compatible with different operation system.

Furthermore, desktop client is available for both Windows and Mac computer by clicking the right up corner of BitCoke website and start download.

Closing Commentary

I’ve been using BitCoke for Almost 2year and I never suffered a problem. BitCoke is best for both, rookie and pro traders. The Referral Program is very also attractive, we can earn somewhere around 40% of commission from each person we refer.

This article should not be considered as financial advice or the like. Please do your own research all the time.



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